“Dave Tevelin’s talent for seamlessly weaving his fictional Jake Katz into true crime stories is yet again on display in Three Dead in Starbucks. Having been one of the original detectives on this case, I know the details and was still swept away by his excellent storytelling. His depth of research into the smallest of details will transport the reader back to Georgetown in the 1990’s as the case unfolds."

- Jim Trainum, Former D.C. Metropolitan Police Department Detective


“Although laced with fiction, Mr. Tevelin’s Siege Of The Capital captures the essential elements of Hamaas Khaalis’ takeover and the drama of those thirty-nine hours. He managed to make the complexity of the incident into a very readable story.”

- Earl Silbert, former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia

“Dave Tevelin vividly captured the horror of the Khaalis slayings, and the drama of his takeover of the three buildings in D.C. He nailed Khaalis’ voice, and compellingly laid out the web of factors that led to both the murders of his family and his actions four year years later. I recommend this book highly.”

- Henry Schuelke, former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia

“Siege Of The Capital, a blend of fiction with real time events, is a great read! Its account brought back memories of a life-changing event for those involved in the 1977 hostage siege and the dramatic trial that followed. For me, as the federal prosecutor involved in the case, Dave Tevelin’s account of those days – and Khaalis’ back story – is well researched, vivid, and compelling.”

-Mark Tuohey, former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia

“Dave Tevelin’s Death At The Howard takes us back in time, recreating 1960s DC as few have
been able to do, and, in the process, helps us understand the city we all live in now. And he does so with a good story compellingly told – a great read!”

- Blair Ruble, Author, Washington’s U Street, A Biography